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BBNL has embarked upon pilot projects in three blocks covering 58 Gram Panchayats in three different states.These blocks are Arian in Ajmer district (Rajasthan), Parvada in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) and Panisagar in North Tripura district (Tripura).
The objectives of conducting a pilot project are as follows:


  • The learning on technology choice and network architecture.

  • Experiences gained in addressing ground realities in rural domain.

  • NOFN NOC (Network Operation Center) related issues being developed by C-DoT- its integration and its testing at pilot locations.

  • Experience gained by participation of TSPs, ISPs and application providers in utilizing bandwidth created by NOFN with respect to deliverables committed by BBNL.

  • Synergisation by DIT/DoT to work together for pilots and plan the template for pilot testing of G2C services.

  • Integration of NOFN pilots with existing networks from Blocks upwards. Also address the interfacing of NOFN with access operators at GPs.

  • Synthesis of learning from the pilots and cross learning amongst 3- CPSUs in execution strategy.


The target date for completing Pilot Projects was 15/10/2012,and the same has been achieved with OFC laid out to all the Gram Panchayats in the Pilot Blocks and Electronic Equipment (OLT and ONT) having been tested for offering services.

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